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        October 23, 2017

        Mini Session // A beautiful duo with some beautiful sunlight

        Meet the cutest duo. These two are absolutely ADORABLE. Even though our time together was short, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I LOVE MINI SESSIONS.                       
        October 23, 2017

        Gabriella + Troy // A frosty morning mini session

        This mini session was BEAUTIFUL. I absolutely love any session with a little frost; making early morning sessions one of my favourite. Check out how cute these two lovers are!  
        September 15, 2017

        Elayna & Dave // A Hot Day Spent in Beautiful Edmonton

        Elayna & Dave both have the sweetest hearts. The sun was shining HARD on their beautiful day. It was such a hot hot HOT day but it was so perfect. I spent the morning cheering them on as they cam...
        September 7, 2017

        One BEAUTIFUL Edmonton Wedding

        August 13, 2017

        Instagram is MY Business

        Instagram is MY business. *real life instagram photographer truths released* The past few days I have been obsessed with listening to NPRs amazing podcast, "How I Built This". If you are c...
        August 10, 2017

        The crazy beautiful Kami Merrill // Inglewood Calgary Portrait Session

        Meet Kami Merrill, She is like beyond beautiful, don't you agree? I have always been so envious of her hair. It is always soooooo pretty. Like look at it!!!  
        July 31, 2017

        HAPPY ONE YEAR TO US // kens + ethan

        Happy (almost) one year to us! Eth + I have officially almost been married for a whole stinking year. How crazy is that? We didn't get a ton of photos of just us two in our bridal gear on our wedding...
        July 19, 2017

        Rachel + Nate // An adorable couple from Calgary, Alberta

        Meet Rachel + Nate, the most kind hearted couple you will ever have the pleasure of getting to know. Rachel is adorable. I just cannot say that enough. She is so kind + SO easy to get along with. I...
        July 19, 2017

        Sarah + Jack // A fun loving couple from North Calgary

        Meet Sarah + Jack, an adorable couple from Northern Calgary. First of all, when you hear the name jack, do you not just instantly think "romance?". I know do. I don't know what it is about that nam...