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        May 2, 2017

        Wedding Photography // adorable thank you package

        // Kensie Webster Photography Wedding Thank You Packages //   I have always thought about doing thank you packages for my clients, but never really got around to putting one together. I...
        April 27, 2017

        Sophie & Taylor // Beautiful Waterton Engagements

        Hey hey hey hey meet Sophie & Taylor. An adorable southern AB couple getting hitched in June. I am kind of a HUGE fan of Waterton. It is the perfect setting for photos. It is seriously the mo...
        April 27, 2017

        Bailee & Adam // Stunning Forest Engagement Edmonton

        Meet Adam & Bailee, an adorable couple soon to be wed in Edmonton, Alberta. I love engagement photos, ESPECIALLY when the couple is one of my soon- to- be wedding couple! I love taking phot...
        April 27, 2017

        Selena & Brady // Dreamy Southern Alberta Field Wedding

        Selena & Brady's Dreamy Southern Alberta Wedding It was a beautiful day in Cardston, Alberta. I am convinced that the sun ALWAYS shines on a wedding day. I haven't had a wedding whe...
        March 24, 2017

        Niki & Taylor // Dreamy Edmonton Forest Engagement Session

        Meet Niki & Taylor, An adorable "Edmontonian" couple. Before I get into the details of our fun sesh, i must mention my undying love for DETAILS. Honestly I think that if I were just a detail p...
        March 13, 2017

        Amberly & Craig // Edmonton, Alberta, Forest Session

        Meet Amberly & Craig: My favorite couple models. These two are just perfection in every way & they always kill it for the photos. I mean not many couples can master the pick up photos like ...
        March 13, 2017

        Devoney & Braden // Southern Alberta Mountain Session

        If there is anything I have learned... It is the importance in pushing yourself to do hard things. If you had told me five years ago that my hobby would include constantly meeting new people & ...
        March 8, 2017

        Edmonton Collaborative Studio Session / Bridals & Lifestyle

        A styled, collaborative, studio session is absolutely everything I have always dreamed of. + Akiko Floral Industry + Sar & Becks (Make up/ Hair) + Simply Emily Photo (shooting alongside) + The...
        March 8, 2017

        Evan & Corbin California Coast Photo Session / #internationalwomensday

        The morning of meeting Evan & Corbin was gloomy, chilled + spitting with rain. But it was no match to the happy, warm and excited feelings I was having about my first session on a beach. It...