TO MENU

        Our sweet miracle baby was born at 24 weeks gestation. To say that day was terrifying is an understatement. We don’t know why he came so early, but he did. Owen fought so hard in the NICU and there were some pretty scary days but with lots of faith, love, modern medicine and hope – our sweet boy pushed through.

        Owen fought through some of the hardest, unimaginable things. I don’t think I have ever cried or prayed more than I did while I sat beside him in his isolette. There were many miracle workers (nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, dieticians, social works) that were involved in Owen’s care and they are the very reason that he is home with us today.

        After 94 terrifying days, our little man made his big debut home without oxygen or a feeding tube (this is HUGE for such a small micro preemie). We have enjoyed the absolute BLISS of having our baby home with us in our arms. We could not be more grateful to have what we have today. Nothing is promised in this life – and we are so aware of that. Every day is an absolute gift. Family means everything to us.

        Due to COVID-19 interfering with 2020 weddings, I am now opening all dates for 2021. Inquire now.