5 of the BEST Cues For Posing a Bridal Party

January 30, 2020

You are a wedding photographer. Maybe this is your first or second wedding that you have ever shot & you find yourself in NEED of some helpful cues to get that bridal party posing like the bridal parties you see on instagram. The party is a little drunk & you notice it’s getting harder to get their attention. Well, HERE are my 5 BEST cues for YOU! @Kensiewebster

#1 With your loudest voice (I call it my teacher voice) & after lining them up grooms person, brides person, alternating, yell “EVERYONE GET WARM AND COZY, BRING THOSE BODIES IN CLOSE – EVEN CLOSER – NOW… LOOK AT EACH OTHER AND HAVE A GRAND OL CONVERSATION WITH YOUR BEST SMILES!”
This will get everyone laughing in awkwardness, buttttt the the funny guy groomsmen will usually drop a joke and you’ll have the pic you were hoping for.

#2 Get those ladies WALKING! Have the bridesmaids stand nice and close to each other & then say “TOGETHER YOU ARE GOING TO WALK SLOW AND LOOK AND SMILE AT EACH OTHER AS YOU WALK – ROTATE WHO YOU ARE LOOKING AT AS YOU DO IT”.
The girls will for sure start smiling and laughing at each other while they try to multitask this walk.

#3 Now get that bridal party walking (can you tell that I am all about the movement for photos?). Have the bridal party line up in grooms people, brides people so the colors coordinate. Have the bride and groom hold hands & say “BRIDE AND GROOM ARE GOING TO WALK A LITTLE BIT IN FRONT OF THE REST OF YOU. YOU ARE ALL GOING TO WALK SUPER SLOW AND SMILE AT ME AND THEN SMILE AROUND AT EACH OTHER”
This will get the bridal party smiling as they try to make this task work with goofy groomsmen.

#4 The shimmy! Bridesmaids alwaaaays kill this one, but sometimes it is fun to try it out with the whole bridal party. Say “WE ARE GONNA BOOMERANG!” They will know what you mean. Show them a little movement behind the camera of you getting low and moving that body! Then snap a million pics while they boomerang and smile at ya!

#5 My favourite with the bridesmaids: Get them close by having them stand sideways and bringing their bodies really close. Position the bride the way she feels most comfortable. Then say “GRAB AN ARM OR HAND AND GET YOURSELVES REAL CLOSE”. Once the girls are all close, have them smile at each other or look at each others!