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An educator, mentor and photographer

with my bachelors degree in education

I am passionate about teaching

I absolutely love mentoring and educating other photographers on how you can level up your wedding photography business. From workflow, to editing, to instagram tips - I have got you.

I have purposely made my one-on-one virtual mentorships extremely affordable so that everyone feels like they can invest in their business.

If you would like to chat more about the mentorships I currently am offering, you can inquire below.

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Once I launch my mentorships via my email list, you will be provided with a link to schedule your one-on-one virtual face time call with me.

I offer a few different mentorship topic options. For example: the social media audit or the guide to creating guides.

Once you join my education list, you will be notified when I launch new mentorships, styled shoots, courses or workshops.

Have your computer and notepad ready, because we are going to talk about all the good stuff for about 30 min to one hour - depending on which mentorship you book with me.

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