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          Love is messy

          But LET IT be messy, unorganized, real, raw and true to you.

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          24 things about me!

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          My person

          Love is such a huge part of my life. I love deeply and I love fiercely. 

          Ethan is my human. He just gets me. When I am sad, he comes home with a large Diet Coke. When I am bored, he strolls through home sense for hours with me. When I am hurt, he lets me cry and when I am stressed, he makes it possible for me to just get crap done, while he takes care of the rest. Love for us is simple + messy.

          We show love by snuggling on the couch to a movie we probably fought over to choose, or by finally getting to chat in the ten minutes before we fall asleep. Our time together is limited, but it’s time that I will always cherish.

          We fight. We yell. We hurt. But we still choose us, every single day. We choose love over anything else, because love is what gets us through the hard stuff. The stuff we wish didn’t have to happen. But the stuff that is thrown at us. We take the ugly stuff on together, because we choose us.

          He is my human.