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          As an Edmonton + Banff Wedding Photographer

          I believe that photographing the intimate moments beyond your wedding day are just as important.

          When a person hires a photographer, you hire them because you are attracted to their art. With Kensie it was so much more than that for me. She stepped out of just being a hired professional. She became someone who would forever give me the gift that I didn't think would happen.

          - KARISSA + JESSE


          Do you offer prints + wedding books?

          Do you pose us?

          How do I receive my photos?

          How many photos will we receive?

          How do I book?

          What is the turn around time for photos?

          A. YES!

          YES! I have a shop set up on my online gallery sharing system. You are able to purchase prints through me. I also offer wedding books + will completely curate one for you.


          I am so excited about the opportunity to work with you.