Kensie Weekly Roundup Nov 6th – 13th

November 13, 2023


nov 6th – nov 13th

Here are all of the Canadian links I posted on @kensiewebsterlife this week!

  1.  This full list to send to your partner for gifts for YOU! These are some of my fave things. Like the free people dupe bag, the get ready with me head band, the cutest glass jars for your cold Diet Coke, the dupe shoulder bags! All my faves are found here.


2. My top Canadian Tire Christmas picks. They seriously have some of the cutest stuff right now, like their retro vintage lights and those adorable brush trees which I snagged.


3. These cargo pants + this new black half zip . This half zip is half the price of Lulu lemon half zips and I love it just as much. The cord cargos are sooooo cute. They are also SOOO comfortable and I highly recommend them.

4. This outfit (the jeans, shoes, cardigan and shirt) are a staple for me! Denim Forum is a favourite brand. I have the Arlo high rise in both jean + black. Here they are in black!

5.  The link to your FREE good food box! Which you for sure want to snag ASAP because the holidays can be so busy when it comes to cooking!!!


6. This golf set up is going to be a hit this Christmas season. If you have a golfer in your life, this is a good gift to add to their list. My husband saw this go viral on TikTok and he has wanted one ever since. They actually are not even that expensive! Lots of ladies responded to my stories saying it is worth the hype.

7. This list for GIFTS FOR YOUR DAD / HUSBAND / MAN IN YOUR LIFE will give you all the amazon gift ideas! Like massager, golf towels, carhartt shirts (which my husband loves) and even the Lulu dupe shirts!


8. This full list of GIFTS FOR YOUR TODDLER will give you all the amazon gift ideas for your toddler, like our favourite balance bike, the iPad we use for all our trips, writing pads and more!


9. This full list of amazon gift ideas for your mom/ mother in law. The weighted blanket, the pan, the pajamas, the diffuser + the Stanley dupe are some of the best ideas this Christmas season!


10. This gift list for the teen in your life! I have a few teen niece/ nephews in my life and here are some of my ideas for them!


11. This waffle jacket is the best fall/ winter add on to your outfits and people are going crazy for it. I have it in grey too, which you can find here.


12. My flocked Christmas tree on my main floor which is currently on a HUGE sale!


13. My FAVE home finds, like this adorable checkered blanket — which I have heard is lovely. The sconces which I am loving in our bonus room. The curtains which I rave about, our new tree collar + so many more.


14.  The Aritzia weekend t shirt that I absolutely rave about and have in a few different colors!


15. The absolutely adorable toques my boys wear from a local Canadian business Baby Knits Co!

16. The new tanning stuff I use on my face + body which is also from a Canadian company called Salty Face!

17. The stain remover that I absolutely cannot live without. I swear this stuff is complete magic.


18. My new Poppy Barley Chelsea Boots + Mockneck Sweater!


19. The ELF brow lift gel that you NEED. I have been getting so many compliments on my browns + this stuff blows the expensive stuff out of the water. It is under $8 and would be a great stocking stuffer!

20. The viral nightlight that we bought for our son who is afraid of the dark. This thing is epic + all the moms responded to my stories saying this was their saving grace when nursing at night!

21. Lastly, here is the link that I shared with some of the Calgary Family Activities we will be doing this Christmas season!


If you enjoyed this list please let me know! I am so excited to offer this weekly + hope that this will be beneficial to you! Thanks for being here!