My Home, My Sanctuary

September 25, 2020

I own two extremely nice cameras, but I never use them to document my story and today that changes! Today I made a new huge goal: photo document OUR story too, not just my beautiful clients.

This is our home. Our refuge. Our happiness. Our safe place. This is where our family grows, laughs + fights through the tough days together.

We moved here when I was about 22 weeks pregnant. Our thoughts were that we needed a bit bigger of a place to house our growing family. Luckily we moved in when we did, because at 23 week 4 days I was admitted to the hospital & at 24 weeks I delivered my sweet boy Owen.

This home could have quickly turned into a negative space. A space we never wanted to return to. A space full of what ifs, and why us. But God had different plans.

After 94 days, we proudly brought our little boy home, to the place we had planned on. It is this home that witnessed us in the hardest of days, that housed us while we anxiously slept away from Owen. It’s this home that we entered to cry for hours while we waited results. It’s this home where friends + family dropped gifts + food off to support us through our hardest days.

It’s this home where Ethan held my hand as we anxiously walked down the stairs – to the car – knowing our baby was soon to come.

This home has seen it all + this home will forever be a huge part of our story.

It only felt right that I photographed my favourite place at my favourite time of day – the evening. There is nothing better to me than a warm lit, cozy home, with the fire going. I can’t even tell you how full my heart is looking in on my cozy living room, watching my sweet miracle sleep in his swing while I work. Life is good, yet the ride is extremely bumpy. This is our life + this is the life I want to show more of.

If there is anything that I have learned in the past few months, it is that life is an incredible gift. Not every day is promised. God is in the details. There is a plan for everything. You are made you for a reason. You are the parent to your baby for a reason. Everything will make sense one day. But for now, just enjoy everything that you have been given because it is a true gift from God.

Xoxo, Kensie