Shelby + Jo // What Motherhood Means

July 19, 2020

Last year I met up with these two to photograph an amazing moment for them – announcing their pregnancy.

The journey to parenthood was not easy for Shelby + Jo, but today they hold their sweet baby girl close.

This year Shelby + her sweet baby girl met me at the Hey You Studio for a mommy and me session. Just looking at Shelby and babe together, you can tell that she has never been happier.

I asked Shelby what motherhood means to her + this is what she said:

“I ’ve dreamt of being a mommy forever. 
I’ve always been surrounded by kids and loved their minds and pure love. 
I was a middle sibling of 5, an aunt by 10, a babysitter by 12, nanny by 21 and finally a mom by 30.
It took us five years to conceive our beautiful little angel and during those 5 years I thought a lot about what kind of mom I wanted to be and what motherhood even meant. 
To me, being a mom is wonderful, sweet, funny and full of surprises. You will receive unconditional love daily. You will witness incredible things like a smile when you greet them after a nap or that first roll over. 
Motherhood is also hard. It is long nights and cries you don’t yet know how to help. It is tears and lots of googling. 
But all those hard moments disappear when your sweet baby look in your eyes.
Being a mom is the best thing I’ve ever done and I cry just thinking about how much I love her (oh yeah, there’s also lots of happy tears too)”.

Thank you Shelby + Jo for letting me be a part of such a beautiful journey in your family. I hope you are able to love + cherish these photos forever.